Next 8-Week Mentorship Starts Dec 30 – Enroll Today

Is it time to learn something new and change the way you trade, once and for all?

Are you entirely new to trading and want to bypass the learning curve and trial and error of doing everything on your own?

If this sounds like you, read on…

We’ve seen an increase in interest and enrollment for our eight-week Mentorship Program. It seems many traders and soon-to-be traders are interesting in finding new ways to succeed in 2021. We’re on board with that! So we’ve put this post together to recap what Mentorship is all about, just in case you haven’t wandered over to the official Mentorship page just yet.

We have two types of Mentorship: Group and Individual. The next Group class begins on Dec. 30, 2020. It will go on for eight weeks with training twice a week from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. US/Eastern (GMT-5). All courses and software are included with Lifetime licenses. It’s the most complete package we offer. Here is a direct link where you can enroll and provide your deposit. (The pricing info is presented when you click that link.) With your deposit, we will set you up with the first week’s materials. We can also help set up a complete practice environment on your computer. If you’re not a tech person, that’s okay; our support people are capable and will get you squared away so your platform is set up and ready to go.

Individual (one-on-one) Mentorship is the same as far as the material you receive and what’s taught. The main difference is that with Individual, you can customize the class times and work directly with John Paul. To sign up for individual, you have to email us first at so we can check availability.

Mentorship classes are recorded for future playback. That means in the future, you can log in and watch the recordings to re-familiarize yourself with the instruction, if needed.

As far what’s included with Mentorship, here is a list:

• Eight weeks of personal training with a pro
• Atlas Line® Course with software
• Roadmap Trade with software
• Blueprint Trade (Power Price Action method)
• The X-5 Trade (Floor Trader Secrets method)
• At the Open (ATO) Course with software
• Trade Scalper Course with software
• NinjaTrader 8 Compatible
• Price Action Scalping Course with software
• ABC Pattern
• How to Filter Trades
• How to Trade the News
• How to Set Up Your Charts
• How Manipulation Works
• January Effect+ …and more!

As you can see, Mentorship includes some exclusive trading methods.

We hope to have you in the upcoming class!

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