How To Day Trade the E-Mini offers the following day trading tools courses for beginners and advanced traders:

John Paul from has over six years experience in teaching price action trading.

Check out this LIVE June 14, 2010 day trading video in which John Paul trades the E-mini S&P live using the ATO software and price action strategies:

A few notes about the video:

  • The ATO software plots entry signals on your charts.
  • Electronic markets are first come, first served – the sooner you put in your order, the sooner your order will be filled. Also, remember to move up your stop to lock in profits.
  • One or two trades a day to earn a couple of points is our goal. There’s no need to sit around waiting for a “perfect trade” situation, exposing yourself to greater risk throughout the day.
  • The methods of trading (price action) are taught one-on-one to students in the DayTradeToWin Mentorship Program.

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