Filtering Trade Scalper Trades Using ATR and Atlas Line

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Here’s a quick example of the Trade Scalper software for NinjaTrader on a live E-mini S&P chart. As you can see, the Trade Scalper produced five trades in a little over an hour. There was one long around 11:20 a.m. followed by multiple short signals that followed a bearish trend. A short signal (Short 2142.25) appears near where price is currently trading. This is the desired fill price. However, the ATR is quite low (around a tick) and that means the market is slow. According to the risk and reward rules of this method, you want to see the ATR value at about two or three ticks. The rules and live training go into more detail on how to avoid these conditions. The Atlas Line also provides a short signal in agreement with the Trade Scalper. Even though this scalping trade would have been favorable and the Atlas Line agrees, it was not with the risk caused by a slow market.

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