Feb. 2022 Price Action Trading Video Compilation

Did you miss any of our videos from the last week? Here’s a quick and easy way to review them all. This has been a big month for trading, so now is the time to learn and change the way you trade…

Time Charts vs. Tick Charts
Published Feb. 2, 2022

See an example of using the Trade Scalper on a 250-tick chart. The goal was +$1,000 using 5 contracts. The targets are based on recent market conditions; not old or static values. The included training video will teach you what you need to know. Get the Trade Scalper here.

Roadmap Manipulation Zones & Reversals
Published Feb. 3, 2022

The powerful Roadmap software, available in 8-Week Mentorship, identifies potential reversal zones and provides signals. These areas are often the result of manipulation where big players buy or sell in large quantities, then have to exit their positions, causing flat conditions and reversals. Enroll in Mentorship or find out more here.

Atlas Line Signals, +$625 Potential & Key Market Cycle Patterns for 2022
Published Feb. 4, 2022

See a real-time Atlas Line trade going for over $600 based on a Pullback signal. After, John Paul discusses important market cycle numbers you can use for 2022. Apply an ATR with a period value of 4 to your daily chart and follow along. Get the Atlas Line.

Market Cycle Patterns for 2022 Reference Video
Published Feb. 5, 2022

We expect traders to bookmark this video to refer back to it. You may want to set up a daily chart with the two values described. This will set up a channel that you can easily reference. Using your regular 5-Minute or 1-Minute chart, refer to the market cycle chart to see if the day is expected to be choppy or trending. Enroll in the upcoming 8-Week Mentorship Program.

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