Atlas Line Now Available for eSignal

Day Trade To Win’s proprietary and powerful Atlas Line™ method is now also available for the eSignal trading platform!

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November 16, 2010
Atlas Line Now Available for eSignal

November 18, 2010
Atlas Line Now Available for eSignal - Day Trade To Win

The Atlas Line™ method produces real-time market behavior signals on your eSignal, NinjaTrader or TradeStation chart in two ways:

    • Short or long entry signals prior to an anticipated spike or drop in price
  • The line itself advises staying short or long depending on whether price is above or below the line

With these complimentary capabilities, the Atlas Line™ consistently pulls in profits for traders of futures, currencies and other markets.
The Atlas Line™ was created by price action trader and mentor, John Paul. What’s unique about this method is that it can be applied to all markets, instruments, time zones and chart configurations. This robust filtering method can be used as a standalone solution or used in conjunction with other trading methods for entry confirmation.
Atlas Line™ customers receive access to an online video manual, free customer support and a live webinar for questions and answers. In the manual and webinar, John covers:

    • How to configure the Atlas Line™ properly (loading the software, customizing entries for day or night trading sessions, etc.)
    • How to enter trades with extreme accuracy (where to place stops, prevent slippage, types of signals the Atlas Line™ produces and how to respond to them, etc.)
    • How to determine resistance and support and overall market strength (dealing with volume, the average true range, volatility, etc.)
  • Once the Atlas Line™ begins plotting, its users have an edge over other traders: advance knowledge of where the market is headed and how to respond.

Currently, the Atlas Line™ is available in two forms:

  • A six-month license for $599
  • A lifetime license for $1800

By trading one contract, many customers have found that Atlas Line™ pays for itself in less than one month’s time. In the business of day trading, there are no other day trading systems that can produce a comparable level of consistent accuracy. The Atlas Line™ is the only tool you’ll need to trade the E-Mini S&P, Euro, Crude, or any other liquid market. eSignal traders can now expect the same results as experienced by NinjaTrader and TradeStation users.

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