End of 2015 – Another Long Trade to Close out the Year?

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Here we are in mid-November. You may recall our previous 2015 Super Year videos that said the market would trend bullish by the end of 2015. As price climbed, new highs were met. With these new highs, we have new trading opportunities. Super Years – that is years ending in “5”, tend to perform bullishly.

What’s the market going to do now? What’s going to happen?

To demonstrate, John Paul uses a NinjaTrader daily chart and the December 2015 E-mini contract. With any good trading method, you must use specific rules. John Paul looks for the previous highest high (2110.50) and waits for a pullback (price dropping for about four consecutive days). Should you go long now? Not unless the trade validates. How does it validate? Take that recent high and the most recent lowest low. Then use the NinjaTrader Fib tool with a setting for 0%, 50%, and 100% to easily see where price needs to break the 50% level to validate the trade, so you can go long. Watch the video to see how he uses the Fib tool to accomplish this.

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