E-Mini Trading – 11 Ticks in Under 3 Minutes

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Here’s a quick example of how to take the guesswork out of trading by using the Atlas Line software. The first trade on Nov. 15 is a Short at 1251.25. This order signal was automatically produced by the Atlas Line based on real-time market conditions. The trade was taken live through NinjaTrader’s DOM, allowing for enough time to capitalize on the reversal, or “bounce” that occurred off the plotted Atlas Line. On November 15th, we logged at least four separate Atlas Line trading opportunities, generating a total of +34 ticks for the day. Be sure to check out our results page to see the details.

As demonstrated, when working with limit orders, it’s important to leave them where they are, as moving the order’s position will send you to the back of the line. Order types, targets along with the three stop strategies (Time-based, Catastrophic and Prove-it) are discussed in the free live training that’s included with purchase. In addition, the training covers the three trade setups that are unique to Atlas Line trading: the Pullback, Strength, and Bounce trades. The Atlas Line is compatible with the latest versions of NinjaTrader, TradeStation and eSignal.

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