E-mini Day Trading Signals: Scalping & Price Action

You saw our signals from Friday, but what about today? Any winners?

Yes! In fact, the most exciting part of this video occurs at the end where a Trade Scalper short trade almost hits the stop loss, but continues to the profit target. This es exactly why discipline (i.e. sticking to the rules) is very important. It may have been tempting to cut the trade short at a loss rather than see it through to a surprising (for some) winning trade. Patience is key…

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In the first portion of the video, we see an Atlas Line signal that resulted in a breakeven or small loss. Yes, losses will happen! That’s just a part of trading you have to be prepared for. Trading with your rent or grocery money is not a good idea.

Have risk capital set aside. After that Atlas Line signal, we see a winning short Trade Scalper signal followed by other smaller winners (Strength/S and Pullback/P signals). Was the Atlas Line useless during that time? Absolutely not. Remember, the Atlas Line serves to confirm other trading signals/systems. Because the Short Trade Scalper signal occurred below the Atlas Line, we felt more confident in the two Short Trade Scalper signals that happened to be winners (interesting!).

We hope this video was helpful. Remember, this is yet another demonstration of our signals. Right here on our blog, we posted a clip of signals from Friday.

…It’s all about consistency!

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