Real-time Price Signals: Win, Lose, or Draw

What’s missing from your trading configuration? You may have the right platform, but do you have the right technique? In this video, we are using the Atlas Line and ATO 2 together on a 5-minute chart. Using these two indicators (see our courses/software page), we can look for confirmation. For example, this video’s two long (buy) signals are what we call confirmation. Will the trade be a winner?

All of our trading methods are focused on price action. That means we consider the immediate price activity as the main indicator of what we should do in a given moment. Many traditional indicators do not take this approach. You may have heard of stochastics, MACD, or moving averages. Often times, these approaches use what we call “old” data and may increase unnecessary risk or are inaccurate methods.

At about 2:30 in the video, take a look at all of the good Trade Scalper signals. For that method, we use a 2 Range chart, which is why the candles look a bit different.

Sure, you could purchase the ATO 2, Trade Scalper, and Atlas Line all with Lifetime licenses separately. But for that amount and all you get with the 8-week all-inclusive Mentorship Program, Mentorship is a better deal by far. For example, with Mentorship, you also get the Roadmap which is typically never sold separately. Other exclusive methods are reserved for Mentorship as well. The next class begins Dec. 3, 2019. Click here to enroll or learn more.

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