Trade Scalper, ATO 2, & Atlas Line: Best Trading Systems

Here’s a great way to compare our three standalone trading methods offered on our courses page: ATO 2 (At the Open 2), Trade Scalper, and Atlas Line. We have many customers who own multiple methods, especially those people enrolled in our eight-week Mentorship Program. By the way, if you want to get in on the next Mentorship class (Jan. 19 is when it starts), click here for the details.


First, we start with the ATO 2. Normally, this method produces one or two signals for the day with a focus on the morning moves. In the video, you’ll see an ATO Long and ATO Short signal. The ATO 2 method looks for the initial direction the market wants to go. The market conditions for the Short signal allow for a profit target of four points on a 5-Minute chart. The ATO 2 method is fully explained, so you will learn how to determine (ahead of time) when a signal will appear.

Trade Scalper

Next, the Trade Scalper on a 1-Minute chart is reviewed. The Trade Scalper produces many signals. Because trading is fast with many trades in mind, a shorter time frame is used. Yes, it can be used on a 5-Minute chart, but that is not really scalping anymore, as you have to wait five minutes for each bar to form and close. In addition to a 1-Minute chart, a 2-Range chart is also compatible depending on market conditions. Like the ATO 2, this method is fully explained, so you will learn how to anticipate the signals.

Atlas Line

Lastly, John Paul shares the Atlas Line signals and line for the day. When price is above the Atlas Line (the dashed blue line), we focus on Long opportunities. When price is below, Short opportunities. As you can imagine, when price intersects the Line, that is a big deal. When that happens, we look for two closing bars above or below. That either a Long or Short signal, respectively.

Also, notice how John Paul can confidently say that the only signals worth going for are Short trades. He is confident because the Atlas Line has given an indication of the direciton. This is why the Atlas Line can be a powerful tool that (1) provides signals and (2) provides an overall direction of where the market may go to (3) aid with confirmation of other trading systems you’re using (such as the ATO 2, Trade Scalper, etc.).

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