Using the Atlas Line & Trade Scalper Together for Better Results

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John Paul shares two E-mini S&P charts – on the left, the Atlas Line is being used with a 5-min chart. On the right, the Trade Scalper uses a 1-min chart. By seeing these two charts traded in real-time, you can get a sense of how both can really improve your trading.

In this instance, the Atlas Line provides the signal first at 1957.5. He has enough time to increase the order quantity before placing the short trade. Often times, John Paul will increase the number of contracts he trades under slower conditions to make up for a smaller profit target. A few different stop loss strategies are used – if the market turns around and goes against the trade, a prove-it stop will cancel out the trade. Likewise, the catastrophic stop will put an end to a much larger move. As always, the profit target is determined by the ATR. All of the profit target and stop loss strategies are covered in the included live training. For this Atlas Line trade, volatility is high and right at the edge where any higher, you should probably stay out. The doorbell sound is the Trade Scalper shooting off signals. It’s important to avoid trading at the same time in the same account with both the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper – do one or the other, or combine the methods where the Atlas Line can tell you the direction for the scalp trades. The profit target is around four points – don’t go beyond the ATR.

John Paul configures his 1-min Trade Scalper chart so you can get a better idea of how the Atlas Line can be used to obtain a price direction. A short scalping trade at a loss would not put John Paul in the negative for the day because of the previous Atlas Line win. No more than six ticks will be risked. Again, you have to adapt to real-time conditions when it comes to the market. Scalping is based on looking for fast and small market movements. If the Atlas Line says to look for short trades by producing a short signal, you can look for short Trade Scalper trades, either using the Trade Scalper signals or by your full understanding of the method. During the live training, John Paul explains the Trade Scalper method completely as well as how to use the included indicator software for NinjaTrader. Like the Atlas Line, You can use the Trade Scalper with many different markets. John Paul wins three ticks of profit with scalping in just a couple of minutes.

At the end of the video, he shows his total profit for both of the trades. He also reviews previous Trade Scalper trades earlier in the morning.

As a reminder, the next eight week Group Mentorship Program begins Jan. 11 2015. An full Atlas Line license is included as well as the Trade Scalper. Classes are twice a week: Mondays and Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. EST (New York Time). You will be coached live by John Paul on all of our trading action trading methods (about 10 total). All courses and software are included with full licenses. Space is limited, so register early and get the first week’s ATO course and software ahead of time. Click here for information.


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