Can You Trade the Euro Currency Using the Atlas Line?

To answer the question simply; yes.

Euro Live Trading Example Using the Atlas Line on March 7, 2011

Here’s a perfect example of how the Atlas Line can produce different results while trading on the same day – just look at the Atlas Line post for the E-Mini S&P we created earlier. Today’s Euro (6E) Atlas Line produced a series of Long order signals. These were all spot on. As soon as price crossed the Atlas Line, a Short order was generated (much like the E-Mini S&P chart posted earlier). Even though price was again on the rise, you can see how the ATR and an Atlas Line Pullback (taught in the included training) kept me at a profit of 6-7 ticks. This price action style of trading is consistent with all markets, whether it’s the Australian or Canadian dollar, Forex, FDAX, or whatever your preferred market may be.


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