Confident Trades Using ATO 2 Trading Method, Trade Scalper, and Atlas Line

Ready to see what happened today with our trading systems? We have two videos for you.

First, we have a 1-Minute chart running our ATO 2 trading method. The At the Open was our first product way back in 2009 or so when DayTradeToWin was first launched online. Can you believe we’re still using the same method today? Yes, it’s a powerful method that focuses on the morning breakout move that occurs soon after market open. (That’s why it’s called “at the open!)

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You’ll notice two ATO 2 short signals. These said, “Sell the market now!” quite clearly. After that first signal, look what happened. Price dropped right afterward. Typically, price going in the predicted direction soon after a signal is the sign of a winning trade. The ATR was around 3 points at that time, so that is the estimated profit target. Price did drop three points a few candles later. Not bad for a couple of quick trades in the morning, right?

By the way, the ATO-C signal means “ATO 2 Chaser.” These Chaser signals are additional follow-up opportunities that can sometimes occur after the regular Long or Short signal. Yes, the Chaser signals may be long (buy) signals as well.

You’ll notice that the first ATO 2 signal for Feb. 11, 2021 occurred around the 9:57 a.m. candle. This was a winning short signal.

Beyond the ATO 2 Trading Method

Here’s where it gets even more interesting…

So, at 00:55 in the video, John Paul adds the Trade Scalper to the chart. Where is the signal? Nearly the same place as the first ATO 2 signal. Why is that great? Because we always look for additional confirmation to feel more confident in the trade. That’s exactly what the Trade Scalper delivered in combination with the ATO 2 trading method.

Let’s go a step further…

At 01:19 in the video, John Paul adds the Atlas Line. What do you see? An Atlas Line Short signal at 3911.25. Price was consistently BELOW the Atlas Line. What does that mean? That’s a confirmation for you and your other trading systems that going short (aka selling the market) is THE way to go!

So, you have three trading systems (ATO 2 trading method, Trade Scalper trading method, and Atlas Line trading method) indicating short trades. That’s how we like to trade. That’s why we offer an eight-week Mentorship Program that includes all of these methods plus much more. You’ll be with an instructor twice a week in a live training environment. The next class begins Feb. 25. Check out all the details and enroll from here.

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