Today, I Missed a Trade & Still Won

This video starts off showing multiple Long (buy) signals from our Trade Scalper. Soon after that, John Paul adds the Atlas Line software to see what types of signals will appear in real-time. Both the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper are running on a 1-Minute ES 09-20 chart. One the Atlas Line is applied, we can see a short signal when price is at 3354.

Did he place the MIT order in time?

Price needs to touch that green MIT order line to turn into a short market order. Looks like he got in too late, but it would have been a winner. Let that be an example of what can happen if you’re preoccupied with something else (e.g. recording a trading video) rather than the market. Yes, price continued to drop afterwards, so if we held on to the trade, it would have been a winner, but let’s not lose sight of the Atlas Line trading rules. We’d rather not chase Atlas Line trades – it’s better to place an order right away.

A Trade Scalper short signal occurs at about 3:00 into the video. That was a winner. Another scalping trade is placed around the 4:52 mark. That’s a Long trade. That, too was a winner.

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