ATO 2 and Atlas Line Charts: Two Days Reviewed

The Atlas Line and ATO 2 provided some great E-mini signals today and yesterday. Take a look at the charts below. These two strategies work well together on 5-min futures charts. The goal is to place a trade prior to the big move up or down. Once you place a trade, price will hopefully reach the profit target. If not, you could get out of the trade early with a smaller win, breakeven, or a loss that is smaller than the maximum stop loss. You are taught how to use the signal software to find trades and how to place them according to the rules. John Paul also goes over a number of risk management techniques, because there are no performance guarantees when it comes to trading. Let’s go through each chart and see what happened…

Here, if you stuck to the rules, you could have possibly ended up with 17 ticks of winning trades. The first signal of the day appeared at around 9:55 a.m. US/Eastern (New York time). When the 9:55 a.m. candle closed, it was time to buy the market (long trade) and ride it up towards the profit target, which was around +5 ticks. From there, an Atlas Line Strength trade occurred, resulting in a +4 tick potential winner, followed by an ATO 2 long signal and more Strength signals from the Atlas Line. Towards noon, the E-mini tends to slow down.

When two or more methods confirm the same direction, John Paul feels more confident the market will head in the anticipated direction. Like Dec. 12, Dec. 11 was another day where the ATO 2 and Atlas Line agreed. The ATO 2 and Atlas Line fired off around the same time. The ATO 2 trade came in earlier, resulting in a possible +7 tick winner. The Atlas Line’s long entry at the close of the 10 a.m. candle also produced a sizable potential winner at +6 ticks. Notice how the two systems essentially “read” the market and determined how there were no additional trades worth taking with the bit of chop that occurred later.

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