Atlas Line Update and Recap

John Paul shows off a newer version of the Atlas Line that will soon be available. This new version identifies Strength and Pullback setups. Customers will receive the updated version shortly.

On April 18, a long signal at 1383.5 was produced with additional buying opportunities (Strength Trades) indicated by new green “S” symbols below the candle wicks. The overnight session also presented many profit opportunities, despite the evening session’s tendency to be relatively flat. April 17 saw two Long signals, resulting in nice profits if you decided to hold / extend your profit target. To better understand the Atlas Line software, remember to go Long when price is above and go Short when price is below. The entry signals automatically change from Short to Long or vice-versa depending on price’s relation to the Atlas Line.

Tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. US/Eastern, we have a webinar scheduled where you can see the Atlas Line traded live on the markets you pick.

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