Atlas Line ES and 6E Trading (Webinar from Last Week)

By popular demand, here’s the webinar recording from last Friday (January, 13, 2012). As you’ll see, it was a profitable day as the Atlas Line provided Short signals right before the big moves in the ES (E-Mini) and 6E (Euro). John leaves his live charts running, so you can see how price moves in relation to the signals.

In case you’re not familiar with the Atlas Line, you’ll see it as the dotted pink line on the chart. The software also produces entry signals; the first of which appears on the 6E as a Dbl Bar Short at 1.269. Shortly after, you’ll hear the doorbell sound, indicating another short entry – this time on the ES. Two consecutive closings below the Atlas Line is what triggered the entry. What about stops and profit targets? These are discussed in the video and the live training that’s included with purchase.

When you’re provided with an exact direction and entry price, trading becomes so much easier. As stated many times, the included training covers everything you need to know. You can ask John Paul questions directly. What are you waiting for? Purchase the Atlas Line today.

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