A Relaxing Look at Today’s E-mini S&P & Atlas Line Trades

If you’re using the Atlas Line on the E-mini S&P 500, you probably saw today’s Long signal at 2160.75. The signal was displayed at about 9:55 a.m. US/Eastern. John Paul’s risk management is related to real-time market conditions. That’s why he’s trading with nine contracts and setting his profit target and stop at those specific values. In the included live training, you’re taught these rules. When you have a specific guideline to follow, you can relax a bit more while trading. As he points out in the video, time is not your friend. The longer you stay in a trade, the more risk you’re subject to. Instead, it’s better to make profit quickly and get out. For the Atlas Line, the maximum time you would stay in the market is about 20 minutes (four candles on a 5-min. chart). When the ATR (Average True Range) is less than 4 ticks (1 point), it’s best to stay out because the market is too slow. Conversely, an ATR above 20 ticks (five points) indicates the market is too fast to trade. About 15 minutes later, John Paul’s trade approaches the profit target. When trading with any strategy, be mindful of upcoming news events. News events can cause havoc in the markets – it’s best to stay out until the volatility subsides. Also, before trading for the day, double-check your charts and data to make sure everything is working properly. Also, when you’re in a trade, you can sometimes move your stop loss closer to the profit target to lock in a trade.

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