3 Trading Systems Correctly Find Winning Long Trades

Earlier today, we posted a video that describes three price action conditions to look for. In the video, recall that the today’s E-mini S&P price action trended up for a considerable period. Also, in that other blog post, we mentioned how the goal of many trading systems is to recognize winning opportunities before they occur. So, how did our trading software perform today? This video shares signals from the ATO 2 and Atlas Line.

At about 1:11 in the video, John Paul adds the ATO 2 software to the chart. Right away, we can see two long signals: the main ATO signal (Long in this case) as well as an ATO-C signal (for “Chaser”; also long in this case). At 1:50, he adds the Atlas Line software to the same five-minute chart. The Atlas Line also said to go Long (buy the market) around the same time as the first ATO 2 signal. What about the Trade Scalper? Go to 2:34 and you’ll see a number of Long signals that provide many additional opportunities to buy the market.

We like when multiple signal systems confirm the same direction, as was the case today. This was also the case last week, for example, if you take a look at the two chart pictures we published on Friday or so.

Are you using none or just one of these trading methods? Consider getting the others or enrolling in our eight-week Mentorship Program that includes everything and more. The next class begins Sep. 15, 2020. See you there!

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