24-Hour Trading System: Trade Scalper

Would you like to trade 24 hours a day? Well, sitting in a chair for long hours is unhealthy. It’s best to trade during hours that are convenient for you. It’s also wise to trade when the market typically performs the best with the methods you intend to trade. The Trade Scalper produces signals 24 hours a day to meet the demands of many traders who are away from their computers during the morning session of U.S. markets.

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Here, we have John Paul taking action on a real-time signal. The profit target is three points. That’s a good size for a scalping trade! Not all of them will be that large. Remember, we use price action. Price determines much of how we trade. Once we identify a price pattern ourselves or use a signal to do it, it’s a matter of following the rules for trade placement, which involves timing. At the end of the day, a chart consists of two axis: price and some measure related to time. And those are the two ingredients that tend to work most often for many years, at least from our perspective.

At the end of the video, you can see additional Trade Scalper signals. When trading later into the day, one may want to avoid trading into the close. Likewise, if trading in the morning pre-market, avoid stepping into that mess of volatility that typically occurs around 9:30 a.m. ET.

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