Here’s a brand new video of back-to-back scalp trades provided by the Trade Scalper. John Paul was occupied when the first Short signal appeared. He was able to take action on the next short signal. At the time this signal appeared, the ATR (using a period value of 4) was 2 points. According to the rules of this strategy, the profit target should be close to the ATR. That’s why he used a 2-point profit target. Price reached the profit target in about one minute. That’s a fast two points!

About 10 minutes later, there was another Short signal. John Paul placed an MIT order to go short using 5 contracts. At the time the signal appeared, the ATR was near 2.5 points. This is the profit target he used.

The math works out this way:

• First trade = 5 contracts * 2 points (at $50 per point) = $500
• Second trade = 5 contracts * 2.5 points (at $50 per point) = $625

…Keep in mind, these figures are before any broker or exchange fees.

So, within 25 minutes, using 5 contracts, that’s $1,125; considerably more than is needed for a 6-Month Trade Scalper license.


Next, let’s focus on the Roadmap; a trading method exclusive to the 8-Week Mentorship Program. The next 8-Week Mentorship begins Dec. 27. Click here for details.

The Roadmap recognized key manipulation levels by drawing Zone lines. These Zone lines represent points where price may reverse. That is what happened with Zone B here.

The Roadmap’s entry signals (Short/Long text and arrows) work in conjunction with the zone lines to point out specific opportunities. Take a look at the big move that happens soon after the Roadmap Short signal…


Notice how there’s a new Zone, Zone A, that plots as price becomes more choppy and thus the big selling moves slows down. Because Zones can help identify reversal areas, they can also tell you when you should definitely be out of a trade. Indeed, the next few candles represented choppy activity. In this case, the Roadmap would have provided valuable insight.

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