What to focus just on trading the morning? That’s what our ATO 2 does. Here’s a look at not just 1 or 2, but 5 consecutive days of ATO 2 signals.

John Paul shares his E-mini S&P 500 charts allowing you to see the signals day after day. After a Short signal appears, the expectation is price will drop soon after. Likewise, a rise in price is expected after a Long signal. As demonstrated in this video, day after day, we see the remarkable consistency of the ATO 2 method…

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We’ve heard from many traders over the years about how much they like the ATO 2 signals. They like understanding what the software is doing. They like eliminating the guesswork. They like trading the opening moves soon after the market opens followed by the freedom to go about the day.

Risk and reward levels are based on real-time conditions. This way, the profit goal is related to how fast (or slow) the market is currently moving. The same is true for the stop loss, which acts as the maximum loss allowed for the trade. You’re taught exactly what values to used based on dynamic market conditions.

The live training, training video, and digital course should have you understanding how this all works in no time. This is all delivered to you via the new Member’s area. If that’s not enough, email support is included as well as two bonuses: the ABC Software and the “How to Trail a Stop” video. Finally, if you need help with the initial configuration, remote support can be arranged.

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