Atlas Line E-mini S&P 500 chart on Dec. 15, 2016:
E-mini Contract Rollover

Our trading signals page shows signals generated by the Atlas Line software. Only signals from 9:30 a.m. to noon, US/Eastern are displayed.

On Dec. 13, 2016, the E-mini reached an all-time high of 2273 (2273.25 according to some references). The lowest price has reached in the last year is 1797. As John Paul mentioned in his recent webinar, this month is expected to provide many good breakout opportunities. Price climbs, pauses, and may continue climbing. This is known as the Stair Step pattern. The Stair Step can provide additional confirmation to long trades, such as the Atlas Line (see screenshot above). Holiday spending, the President-elect’s appointment of Wall Street-friendly leaders, and annual reports factor into this end of year rally. Will price break 2300? One thing is for certain – with intraday trading, the Atlas Line can find long (buying) opportunities in the market ahead of anticipated big moves. The Strength and Pullback trades can provide additional opportunities as the market continues to push upward.

E-mini S&P price during the last year:
E-mini Contract Rollover

Look how many times price continued to drive upward after a dip followed by breaking the previous high. If you can catch these opportunities and not get too greedy, you can find some excellent trades.

Atlas Line on Dec. 14, 2016:
E-mini Contract Rollover

On the trading signals page, you will see +10 as the total for Dec. 14 because signals beyond noon are not recorded. The Atlas Line will produce trades in the afternoon, but as with all the signals, it’s up to you to take them depending on market factors. John Paul fully teaches how to assess the market to determine its tradability. Remember, there are no performance guarantees and trading is risky and may have drastic financial consequences. That said, our goal is to help you become a better trader.

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