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Here is a recap of today’s Atlas Line signals, including the profit targets and stop losses. John Paul has configured the line to look a little different than what you’ve seen in other videos. The goal of the strategy is to enter short or long when the signals appear. It’s more of a price action trading tool that will tell you when and how to enter if price behaves a certain way. The profits and stops are based on the ATR (Average True Range), a trading tool built into most platforms. By loading up an E-mini S&P chart and setting it to 5-min, your candles should look similar.

The first Atlas Line trade today was a Short at 2164.25. The profit target was 2.5 points (10 ticks). The 2.5 points was exceeded (the market traveled 4 points), so this was a good trade. The second trade occurred about 40 min. later when price hit 2162.50. This was a larger move – a 3.5 point target (14 ticks). Price far exceeded the target, so that was another good trade. In the afternoon, a Long signal appeared when price reached 2158.75. The target was 2 points (8 ticks).

The Strength and Pullback signals (the small S and P letters on the chart) provided additional opportunities. John Paul teaches how to use the S and P trades in the included live training.

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