Yesterday, John Paul recorded a video showing how he used the Power Price Action method to snag a 4 tick move in the E-Mini S&P. Notice how is chart is completely free of indicators – that’s because he knows how to enter based on price action (particularly, the Power Price method). The trade setup was objectively identified during a live educational session, allowing for attendees to see how simple it was to capture a few points. The market told him that it was going long, so all that he had to do was place a respective order.

The Power Price Action course consists of 4 DVDs that teach you the method and other price action strategies. You also get 8 weeks of live training with John Paul, where he shows you how to trade the method live. Yes, it works with other indices, Forex, currencies and other markets.

3 Responses

  1. All I have to say is I bought the Power Price Action Course and I love it!
    I always Traded with Indicators and thats where I went wrong, I would recommend the PPA Course to any one!

    Thanks John!

  2. how do you do those videos and day trade? I love the Day Trading Course At the open, but i can’t do anything else except watch the trade. 7 winners in a row and counting ato is spot on.

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