Let’s look at the price action signals for the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper for today. First, we start with the Atlas Line software. If you are a customer who has purchased multiple indicators from us, you can find the indicators in your NinjaTrader indicators area with the prefix “DTTW8”. And of course, you can find in-depth training on these methods in your members-only access area.

The first thing that probably catches your eye is how price rides just above the Atlas Line. There are no short trades! In this case, it’s almost like the Atlas Line knows what price is going to do. Remember that the Atlas Line continues to plot at the same angle throughout the day. That means when the Atlas Line began to plot soon after market open, you could extrapolate the angle of the line and get an idea of the expectation for the day. Now when we say expectation, that does not mean price will be above or below the line the whole day. The line us useful because how price moves around the line determines whether signals plot. For instance, two closing bars above the line will produce an Atlas Long signal. Two closing bars below produces and Atlas Short.

If you want to see the prior day’s signals, jump to 2:10. On June 4, we see a great demonstration of how the Atlas Line can clarify when and how you should take a trade. Many traders probably lost big in that choppy market. As you can see, the E-mini saw many big ups and downs though the overall move was down. Look at how the Atlas Line capitalized on the big moves with signals before those moves occurred. Nice, huh? Take a look at the Trade Scalper around 3:40. We won’t spoil what happens there (hint: it’s good!).

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