Here’s a real-time video of today’s Trade Scalper hitting a 2-point profit target in about 2 minutes. We take a dynamic approach to trading. We “listen” to price action. One of the ways we do this is by seeing what the ATR value is at a given moment. In a way, the ATR says, “At this moment, a 2-point profit target is reasonable as compared to the volatility of the last four bars/candles of price activity.” All that is needed, then, is a reliable signal of when to to place a trade and how to place it (buy or sell). In this case, the Trade Scalper said “sell” or go short.

Indeed, the Trade Scalper has been one of our most popular trading methods for a long time. This is because of how rapid the opportunities can unfold and how quickly the trades are completed. If you’ve been trading for some time, you may have realized that it’s often wise to reduce the amount of time you’re in a position unless you’re using a long-term method you can really rely upon. See more videos and get the Trade Scalper here.


Recently, we made our long-time ATO 2 (At the Open 2) method exclusive to our 8-Week Mentorship Program. We’ve had some traders interested in the ATO 2 signals because they want to better understand the true value of Mentorship. The ATO 2 is the first method that you’ll learn. In fact, you can begin using the ATO 2 right away with your $500 Mentorship deposit. Of course, you can get everything–full access–via payment in full.

Here’s a review of today’s ATO 2 signals on a 1-Min chart…


Get the ATO 2 with your deposit or full payment for our next 8-Week Mentorship

As you can see, on the 1-Minute chart, there were two ATO 2 signals. The second one, “ATO-C” is a “Chaser” signal. That’s usually a follow-up trade. The first signal, whatever appears, is the one to take. And that happened to be a winning regular ATO 2 short signal. What’s the profit target? Between 2 and 3 points according to the ATR. Yes, an ATR configured with a Period value of 4 is used here as well. We share the 1-Minute chart with you because if the ATR is too great on the 5-Minute, the 1-Minute is what you’ll be using.

Later on, John Paul switches to a 5-Minute chart so you can see the difference. Yes, a short signal again followed by a big drop. Looks good, but look at that ATR. The profit target would have been 6 or 7 points. For the ATO 2, that’s a big trade. Remember, you need a big stop loss if you’re going to trade with big amounts. This is an important point—for every trade you take, you have to be willing to accept the outcome, which includes accepting yourself.

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