If you enter a Long trade and you have another opportunity to go Long, such as another Long signal, what do you do? This video explains. To provide some background, we’re using NinjaTrader 8 and looking at an E-mini S&P 500 chart (ES 09-19).

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We begin with a Long entry signal at 3147 from our Trade Scalper software. We hope to get filled within a tick or a reasonable amount of time or distance from the entry signal price. We don’t want to chase price to distant values. You can see the order was filled at 3147.50. Effectively, we were “in the trade.” You can tell this easily by the text on the chart as well as the red stop loss line and green profit target line.

Very soon, price approaches the profit target. However, the upward activity does not continue. If this was a live trade you placed, you might be nervous. Yet, because of the additional Atlas Line Long Pullback signals, John Paul is confident that “doubling down” and placing another Long trade is the way to go. This second entry is placed at 3148.50, just two ticks away from the 3148 Pullback signal. Therefore, the Long (buy) orders will filled one point away from each other. The targets and stops are the same, so you will not see an additional red and green line.

At 6:50 in the video, John Paul recognizes a developing Atlas Line Strength Trade. Should he go for a third Long trade? Not necessary, though it is a good indication that we’re on track for two potential winning trades.

Jump ahead to 7:52 to see price push through the profit target, resulting in nice wins for both trades, totaling +4 points. You can see that five contracts were used with each trade, so doing the math:

First trade: $12.50 (ES tick price) * 10 ticks (2.5 points) * 5 contracts = $625
Second trade: $12.50 (ES tick price) * 6 ticks (1.5 points) * 5 contracts = $375

Total win amount for both trades (before any broker/exchange fees/etc.) = $1,000

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