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In this video, John Paul takes a Blueprint Trade, the main strategy taught in the Power Price Action course. Since the strategy is based entirely on price action, only time and price movement are considered for recognizing the entries and calculating the profit target and stop loss. The Bar Timer tool is used to let us know the time remaining in the currently plotting candle. It’s a countdown indicating when the current candle closes. Once the candle closed, John Paul entered the trade long at 1618.75. With NinjaTrader’s Chart Trader enabled and an ATM strategy in place, you can see the profit target and stop loss lines on the chart. The profit target is easy to calculate for this trade. Based on the current ATR (Average True Range) value, it’s two points. The stop loss is at 1615, which is 3.75 points below the entry. John Paul did not expect the stop loss to get hit, but it’s always important to have one in place in case the market suddenly takes off. Sometimes, when stops are too tight, regular market fluctuations can take you out of a trade prematurely when your profit target may have otherwise been reached. There are a few other stop strategies taught in the course such as the prove-it and time-based stops. For this trade, it’s just a matter of waiting for price to move through the profit target. With Power Price Action, there are no Fibonaccis, MACDs, bands, channels, or Market Profile techniques. It’s all price action – the way candles plot on the chart.

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