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Learn to Day Trade the Futures Markets

1. Coach needs to be a good teacher – Having someone who is personable and can communicate ideas effectively is super important.  John Paul has years of experience teaching traders using a live webinar format.  His explanations are clear and concise.  You are free to ask questions whenever you want and go over previously taught concepts that may still be challenging.  Remember, what Mentorship offers is an educational experience – it’s not a trading room.  We want you to become a professional trader who can engage with the markets successfully on your own.

2. Coach needs to be accessible – Individual Mentorship can be customized to your availability and time zone.  John Paul answers emails from students directly, before, during, and after the eight week coaching program.  We occasionally have students from Australia or other countries where the 3:00 p.m. US/Eastern Group Mentorship time is inconvenient.  They love being able to access the video recordings on demand and following up with email questions.  As a Mentorship student, you can email John Paul your trading questions at any time.

3. Proof of success – What are people saying about the Program?  How are the reviews?  Does the website offer any testimonials from real traders who partook in the education?  We have a full testimonial page with over 16 video testimonials from traders who have taken our courses.  And below the videos, you’ll see many written testimonials.  We’ve had hundreds of students who have taken our courses.  We know they’re still trading our methods because they email us to update their software licenses years after their original date of purchase.  In addition, we have over three years of Atlas Line trades posted on our recent trades page.

4. Training materials need to be easy to understand – Does the website provide any indication of what the courses will be like?  Are they designed for beginners or more advanced students?  Day Trade to Win’s courses are full of easy-to-understand explanations and charts.  We know day trading education can be intimidating, so we try our best to lower the learning curve.  With the Mentorship Program, you receive courses for the ATO, Price Action Scalping, and Trade Scalper.  These strategies are also taught in the live training in addition to other strategies that are live-training only.  Being able to ask questions and see why a trade setup occurs greatly improves understanding.  Remember that all of the live training is conducted using the most recent data (current day and recent days).  This way, you can get an idea of how the market is currently playing out.

5. Practice environment required – Does the coaching program offer any sort of practice environment?  You’re going to need to test what you’ve learned on the markets.  At Day Trade to Win, we provide access to the NinjaTrader platform, the same platform John Paul uses.  We also provide live data feeds for free upon request, so you are able to trade just like you would with real money.  Remember, the only time you have to pay for NinjaTrader is when you want to trade live with real money.  At that point, you fund a brokerage account and pay for a live NinjaTrader license.  Up until then, there’s no cost to hone your skills.

6. Affordability – Can you afford to take the Program?  Education is an investment.  If you jumped in to the markets without an idea of what you’re doing, the market will have its way with your finances.   It’s better to be fully prepared and be armed with strategies that have been proven and tested for years.  Losses from mistakes and guessing can easily surpass the costs of a proper education.  With Mentorship, the cost is less than purchasing all of our courses separately.  We also split the payment three ways.  With the deposit, you are able to get the first week’s course right away.

7. Assistance getting setup with trading materials – Many of our students had never traded before finding us.  In fact, a large portion of our students are not the best when it comes to computers.  That’s why we provide remote assistance.  Upon request, we can log in to your computer and help you get set up with NinjaTrader and our courses and software.  You’ll be able to practice trading in no time without any frustration or obstacles.  Support is also offered after the eight weeks of training are over.

8. Ability to track progress – We offer the ability to practice in a simulated (paper) trading environment until you’re ready to fund an account with a broker.  Since you’re getting into trading to actually trade money, you obviously will need a way to track your results.  You’ll need a positive indication before investing into trading further.  For each simulated trade you place, the NinjaTrader platform logs everything about the trade.  Using NinjaTrader’s Account Performance tab, you can get instant statistical feedback on consistency, profit, loss, and overall totals.

9. Video training – Does the program offer training videos?  It’s important to be able to see visual explanations and examples.  We record each Mentorship training session and upload it to your personal account.  You can log in and play back Mentorship training sessions at your own leisure.  If a concept is a bit difficult for you, play back that portion of the video over again.  We have these videos up within a few hours of each class, in most cases.

10. Integration with the charting platform – Day trading is about looking at charts and applying learned strategies.  For many of the methods taught in our Mentorship Program, we have indicators programmed for NinjaTrader.  Unlike other trading educators, we do not give you a ton of confusing indicators and have you blindly trade them.  In fact, you do not need to use these indicators to trade since you fully learn each method.  However, these indicators are great in ensuring your understanding.  For example, the Trade Scalper indicator provides entry signals.  You can manually find the same entries and check if they are correct by comparing with the Trade Scalper’s automated signals.

The next Group Mentorship Program begins July 8, 2014.  Classes will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. EDT (UTC-4).  Click here to enroll.

Individual Mentorship can begin at almost any time.  Send us an email at with your availability.

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