This video has three trades worth about $1,500 that came about due to the signals from the Trade Scalper and Atlas Line along with the number of contracts used. You’ll see one Trade Scalper trade and two Atlas Line trades. Remember, you should consider everything hypothetical – do not trade with important money for daily living – and take time to practice.


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John Paul recognized how price action was setting up for another Trade Scalper short signal. Sure enough, that’s what happened. The doorbell sound accompanied the short signal. Market conditions at the time told John Paul to use a specific ATM Strategy with a profit target of two points.

In case you’re new to NinjaTrader, an ATM Strategy is a predefined profit target and stop loss. Generally, we configure a few of these for the most common scenarios we encounter while trading. That way, we can easily select the most appropriate one to get in as quickly as possible. Also, these values prevent you from over-trading, in a sense, because you’ve set up the parameters ahead of time. Some traders make the mistake of waiting too long hoping a trade will go in their favor. Because this is a one-minute chart, John Paul wouldn’t hold on to this trade beyond five candles (five minutes).

The first Atlas Line trade begins at 3:24 in the video. The second Atlas Line trade occurs at 5:09. You’ll have to watch to see what happens! But you’ve probably figured out that with the amount of contracts and three winning signals/trades back-to-back.

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