In case you missed it, here is yesterday’s price action webinar. With many traders in attendance, John shared his live NinjaTrader charts while explaining how the Atlas Line software works. For those of you who are new to Day Trade to Win, the Atlas Line is software that plots a line on your charts and provides exact entry prices and direction (Short or Long) across the most popular futures and currencies. When you have an accurate system that provides the direction to trade along with the time / price to enter, trading becomes much more enjoyable.

Remember, the Atlas Line is included and taught in the Private Mentorship Program. Also, everything else we teach is included to assist with filtering and recognizing opportunities. A new session of Private Mentorship begins this coming Thursday (March 15). Don’t be idle at the Ides – register your seat and change your trading around!

The Atlas Line plotted a Short signal for the CL (Light Sweet Crude), 6E (Euro) and GC (Gold Futures) charts as shown. Providing you took the live trade according to the profit target rules, you would have made out nicely.

Also, if you’re looking for tips on how to trade those unpredictable news events, John explains a plan of action at around the 2:30 mark.

Because yesterday was contract rollover day for CME futures, you’ll also see how to switch to the new contract period. Although this may be common knowledge among professionals, some basic information is provided at around 16:10.

In the E-Mini (ES), a Long entry was given at the price of 1363. This would have also been a nice trade.

At around the 29:00 mark, John explains how to read the ATR across multiple markets. This is important because the value he and others quote involves decimal position moving, particularly when addressing the Euro as compared to the E-Mini.

3 Responses

  1. if anyone is on the fence about the mentorship program, please take it from me.
    Though it’s an investment that may make one think twice, John Paul, Nate, Chad and the entire office staff that I dealt with during my several month stint with Day Trade to Win are worth it.

    He even molded his schedule around mine when I had the chance to head to Mauii for a week. The guy is golden.

    This team is legit and extremely helpful & qualified.
    JP is a gem of a find & really a great teacher.
    I wasn’t able to find anything that compared.

    Seaside, OR

  2. For about 3 years I have been tarding Forex, however I am looking at Indices and some futures. I have following your POWER PRICE ACTION as well as the Atlas line videos and will look to get both day trading methods but need to be sure that the live trading classes dont overlap. I have a day job so time organization for me is key. Thanks.

  3. The news events has been killing me in the markets your info is really useful to me thanks. Most of my experience is in pennystock although I’ve been day trading futures more and more lately and will be getting your atlas line method to replace my current indicators.

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