This video begins with a Long (buy) price action trading signal from the Trade Scalper. The E-mini S&P 500 (ES in NinjaTrader) is being traded here on a 1-Minute chart. As such, John Paul places a buy/long order using the NinjaTrader SuperDOM.

On the bottom of the chart, you’ll see the ATR (Average True Range). This indicator is configured using a Period value of 4. That means the last four bars are used to calculate the ATR value. Normally, the default Period value is 14. We prefer the value of 4 because the indicator will visually communicate more recent market conditions; specifically volatility, and how much we should “go for” regarding a profit target and stop loss.

Once the trade is placed, notice the green profit target and red stop loss lines on the chart. These appear because John Paul is using (and has preconfigured) an ATM Strategy. The ATM Strategy allows for the instant application of the profit target and stop loss per trade.

Because the market is more volatile than normal, a stop of a few ticks or a point will easily be hit (and get you out of the trade prematurely). With the Trade Scalper, the idea is short-term trades. Be out sooner. With volatile conditions, use your imagination to consider why a larger stop loss is needed. By about 4:15 in the video, the trade is over with. By 5:23 in the video, you’ll see multiple winning trades.

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