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The first part of this live webinar recording explains how to use the Atlas Line to evaluate whether a trade is still viable after big market spikes. By checking if the current plotting Atlas Line position is more than double the ATR, a trader can determine if the market is “exhausted” and not worth trading. If the value is less, the trade is still viable. The Atlas Line’s entry, profit target and stop loss can then be placed according to the rules. At around 7:00 in, John Paul explains what the ATR is and how to configure it. At about 13:00 in, John Paul discusses trade management from the last few days. Again, the profit and stop loss values are taught to you in the live training. However, John Paul goes over them briefly in this video at the 15:00 mark. Fast forward to the 28:00 mark to see a review of this year’s January Effect trading opportunities. The January Effect is sort of a retracement breakout strategy, where there’s an expectation for the market to rise overall for 2013. Each time a previous high value is reached via retracement using a Daily chart, there seems to be consistency with price then rising. According to John Paul, this makes for many good Long (bullish) entries.

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