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Trading Pullbacks Using Price Action

What is pullback in trading? As the market moves above or below the Atlas Line, the main signals will fire a signal. Now the interesting thing to take notice is that if the market continues in a trend, we have more opportunities with both Strength and Pullback trades provided by the Atlas Line Software.

Pullback trades are one of my favorite setups. With the Atlas Line software, we can identify exactly when to use them to our advantage. Using other methods, like trading pullback or breakouts with Trade Scalper is another way to use pullbacks in combination with other methods.

The questions to ask before taking the trade…

1. Is the direction Long or Short?

1. Does the Pullback Pattern fit the rules?

2. What price to enter?

3. What is the RISK / Stop?

4. Do you know when to go with the TREND and WHY?

Traders have asked me, what is a pullback trading strategy? The latest video shows how to take advantage of Trending Markets and outlines a trade setup. The best part is that it shows a real-life example of the Pullback trade in action there are many types of pullbacks in trading.

…It’s possible you think you know what a pullback trade is, but oftentimes traders don’s use rules; they wing it.

Don’t trade by the seat of your pants. Wings are for birds.

If you have ever wondered what is pullback trading strategy was, you are not alone. We have rules. We know the direction, risk, and entries before entering into the trade. Stop guessing and start learning.
Learn how to accurately diagnose every trade with entries, targets, and stops.  

Trading Tip

Here’s a tip. A pattern is just a pattern. Using price + a pattern to validate the trade is the missing link. Using clear rules and knowing when to stay out or get in is the key.

The markets were volatile today, and this can help or hurt depending on what you do next.

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