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The Trade Scalper software for NinjaTrader will plot entry signals on your NinjaTrader charts. As you can see, two entry signals were already plotted for this August 5, 2014 trading day on the E-mini S&P 500: a Short at 1925 and a Long at 1928.25. Small triangles accompany the entry price to help identify the opportunity. Note that when you purchase the Trade Scalper, you will be able to see its horizontal and vertical lines that further help guide your trading by letting you know when an entry is about to take place.

The Trade Scalper uses a 1-min chart and can work with nearly any type of futures or currency market. The strategy is completely taught in it’s entirety. It’s completely mechanical and objective. No conventional indicators are used. When scalping the markets, you’re not looking for big profits. Look for two to three ticks each time, for a limited amount of time. The Average True Range (ATR) guides the profit target. In this case, three ticks is the goal. The stop is in place to keep him in the trade because as you know, the market can easily change direction, plot against you, then change its mind to your favor. With 11 contracts and the three tick profit target, a $412.50 profit is made within a few minutes. Within the ideal trading time of 9:30 a.m. to noon, US/Eastern, the Trade Scalper can produce over 10 trades. You might not take each one of them. The goal is to minimize and maximize reward.

Hey, you might want to know that we have NEW Trade Scalper training videos on our videos page as well.

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