Today’s webinar was filled to capacity. This video is for all of you who were unable to get in and those who want to see how our systems performed.

John starts the live presentation by showing two charts: the E-Mini and Euro. The Atlas Line produced a Long signal on each market. The Long signal is an advisement to buy the market at the given price. Most traders would have been hesitant, thinking price was overbought (based on the rise in price within the previous 25 minutes).

At about four minutes in, John reviews a recent overnight E-Mini chart for May 11. Yes, the Atlas Line can work premarket very well, as demonstrated by the Short signal given at 1351.

Attendees were filled with great questions. Yes, the Atlas Line does work with free data feeds. If you’re using CQG, Rithmic, PFG, etc. you can paper trade with the Atlas Line until you feel comfortable to use a live account. If requested, our support team helps customers with installation of the Atlas Line via remote support.

At the 10:00 mark, John runs through a typical play-by-play scenario showing how he uses the signals, the ATR (Average True Range) to dictate a profit target. The most preferable scenarios are when price intersects the Atlas Line and you immediately get either a Long or a Short. The live trade that occurred near the start of the webinar showed a different situation, where price climbed from far below to the Atlas Line to tag the 1.7 point profit target.

3 Responses

  1. I missed the webinar it said no more room.. Only a few minutes late… hope to catch it next time…
    sorry I missed it…

  2. It’s good to see two markets traded side-by-side, but I prefer to just focus on one at a time. Atlas Line has worked well these last couple of days where the ES has fallen quite a bit.

  3. I like the fact that you guys can help me with the installation I will probably take you up on that.
    I have Think Or Swim but have been wanting to move to ninja trader free version.
    And I can use your Atlas on it.

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