The Pulse of Tech Stocks: A Comprehensive Analysis of 20 Years

Early trading in equity futures on Monday indicates that Wall Street is poised to build upon last week’s robust rally. Despite the recent volatility driven by concerns over rising bond yields conflicting with expectations of strong corporate earnings, particularly within the tech sector, market sentiment appears resilient. Following a slight dip of over 5% in […]

Big Tech Rally Powers S&P 500 to Strongest Week Since November Amid Inflation Fears

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, saw a remarkable surge in its shares on Friday, propelling its market value past the $2 trillion mark for the first time. This boost contributed to a significant recovery in U.S. stocks for the month of April, with the S&P 500 securing its most substantial weekly increase since November, fueled largely […]

Why Rushing to Sell Stocks Might Not Be the Best Move

Sectors that typically surge toward the end of bull markets are now falling behind. Despite last week’s volatile trading sessions, the primary trend in the U.S. stock market remains upward. This conclusion is supported by the sector relative-strength rankings, despite recent market fluctuations. My optimistic outlook is based on an analysis of sector performance during […]

Economic Uncertainty: S&P 500 on Track for Worst Month Since 2022

Bob Elliott, CIO of Unlimited Funds, emphasizes the challenge posed by the recent increase in commodity prices for the Federal Reserve. The surge in bond yields this month reflects concerns about sustained inflationary pressures amidst a buoyant economy, marking a significant setback for the ongoing bullish trend in the U.S. stock market. The S&P 500 […]

Finding Hope in the Downturn: Five Signals Suggesting the Stock Market’s Pullback is Easing

The performance of U.S. stocks lately isn’t exactly flattering. Despite starting strong, they consistently close lower, sending concerning signals about the overall market health. Thursday marked the fourth consecutive session where the S&P 500 experienced this reversal trend, the longest such streak in six years, indicating significant underlying issues despite recent rallies. Even amidst Friday’s […]

On the Verge: The S&P 500’s Rally Reaches a Make-or-Break Moment

The S&P 500 came within 33 points of its 50-day moving average on Thursday, marking the closest approach to this key trendline since November 13th. This proximity hints at a pivotal moment for the stock market rally, as recent turbulence has brought the index within striking distance of an important technical threshold for the first […]

Factors Behind Wall Street’s Record S&P 500 Forecast

Wells Fargo has upgraded its outlook for the S&P 500 stock index, citing several factors driving bullish sentiment in the market. They have raised their year-end target for the index to 5,535 points, up from 4,625, indicating a potential additional increase of over 6% from current levels. Analysts at Wells Fargo Securities point to the […]

Understanding the Fed’s Latitude: Job Growth and Economic Momentum

Key Information for the U.S. Trading Day All eyes are eagerly awaiting the release of the consumer price index by the Labor Department at 8:30 a.m. Eastern, against the backdrop of ongoing debate about the Fed’s potential rate cuts. Taking a broader perspective, an intriguing argument is emerging suggesting that illegal immigration might be a […]

Are We Approaching a Stock-Market Bubble? The Missing Ingredient

The absence of a significant element seen at nearly every previous peak bubble suggests that U.S. stocks are not currently in a bubble, according to analysts at TS Lombard. Unlike past bubbles, the current market lacks substantial leverage. Despite appearing overvalued, with technology stocks notably high compared to historical averages, margin debt has scarcely increased […]

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