Former Hedge Fund Star Unveils Next Bear Market Trigger

What’s on the line with Tuesday’s CPI figures? While much of Wall Street anticipates a softening in inflation, an unexpected surge could quash hopes for a May rate adjustment, potentially putting a damper on the S&P 500’s march towards 5,000, caution some analysts. However, in the midst of Nvidia’s remarkable 47% surge this year and […]

Bear-Market Low Anniversary: What’s Changed for Investors?

Reflecting on One Year Since the Bear-Market Low Not everyone’s popping the champagne as we mark the first anniversary of the S&P 500’s bear-market low on Oct. 12, 2022. The big benchmark rebounded from the bear-market pit on June 8, surging more than 20% from that October low — a significant milestone in the eyes […]

Expect a Bear Market in 2023, Traders Predict Recession

Is a Bear Market in 2023 coming? From the analytics, we may see the market drop and consider it a recession/bear market. This video explains why and what to look for in January. Digging deeper, inflation and interest rates are at the core of the problem. Looking at history is one measure of analysis. In […]

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