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So many signals, but do you take them all? Or do you use some discretion and only take those with a greater winning probability? Self-restraint is important with any scalping method. You could set up the Trade Scalper to fill your day with signals. It’s tempting. Or you could follow the rules we provide you in order to determine if the market is too volatile, if there is an upcoming news event, or if it’s too late to place a trade because the move is over. We teach you what you need to know in the included live training. Here’s a link to the Trade Scalper page where you can purchase.

In Part 1, we take a look at multiple chart types both commonly and uncommonly used with the Trade Scalper, including a 1-Minute, 5-Range, and 10-Range. John Paul also explains a bit about the different types of signals provided, which include regular Long and Short as well as Dbl (Double) Wick Long and Short. After you purchase, we soon provide you with a digital download for the Trade Scalper course. We also include the X-5 as a bonus. We don’t talk about the X-5 too much, but it’s a “secret” method used on 5-Minute charts that’s based on manipulation. Yes, it tells you exactly where and how to find trades. It’s a nice accompaniment to the Trade Scalper.

Update: here’s part two!

As you can see, the title to part two is, “Trading Facts You’ve Been Missing.” Right away, we jump into the following:

• Another live Long signal from the Trade Scalper

• Why you shouldn’t chase trades

• 10-Range vs 2-Range signals

• Can you add the Trade Scalper to multiple charts at the same time or does that cause problems?

• Review of market activity last year through big sell-off to climb back up and current conditions

• Trailing stops and long-term (swing trading) buying/retracement opportunities involving past highs

• MIT order details – pros and cons

In this webinar, we saw a few existing clients jump in and attend – thanks for coming!

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