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Here’s a video from today, Wednesday, November 20, 2019. We add the Atlas Line and ATO 2 to a real-time chart. There’s an Atlas Line short signal at 3114.25. In this case, we want to get in at that price or better. Avoid chasing the market too far as that will hurt your profit potential. The profit target for this E-mini trade was 2.5 points (10 ticks). The reason? That’s what the ATR (with a period setting of 4) says we can expect based on current market conditions.

At around 2:05, you can see how price almost closed on the opposite side of the Atlas Line. If that occurred, we would be out at a loss, as we must follow the rules. Fortunately, soon after, price takes off towards the profit target. Time-based, prove-it, and catastrophic stop are three main stop strategies you can use with this software/method. If your profit target is not hit, you take whatever stop comes first. This can mean a smaller profit, breakeven, or a small loss all the way up to the catastrophic stop (approx. double the ATR value). The idea is that hopefully the profit target is hit more often than not along with the lesser stop losses. When trading, you should always use a stop loss as a safety net based on reasonable risk levels for your account, finances, and recent trading conditions.

At 5:25 in the video, an Atlas Line Long trade occurs; resulting from two consecutive candles closing above the Atlas Line (dashed white line in this case). Again, this trade is based on real-time ATR conditions (about 2.25 points for the profit target). By the way, by configuring an ATM Strategy, you can predefine profit target and stop loss values to save you time in the heat of the moment.

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