Here’s what the Trade Scalper did today, June 22, on a 2-Range ES 09-20 chart. If you’re on the fence about getting the Trade Scalper, this video should help make your decision.


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Before we get to the real-time trade, notice the two winning Short signals that occurred earlier. By default, the Trade Scalper will play an audio alert (doorbell sound) when a signal appears. If you’re doing something else, you’ll know that it’s time to return to NinjaTrader and place a trade.

At 1:25, a Long Trade Scalper signal appears for the price value of 3250.5. Soon after, John Paul places a Long (buy) MIT order using five contracts. You can place trades using a SuperDOM or Chart Trader – whatever you feel more comfortable with. The profit target is one point. Remember, with scalping, the goal is many winning trades that are generally a point or less depending on market conditions. For the E-mini, one point of profit equals $50 before any trading fees are applied. Because five contracts were in use, the trade was worth $250 before any fees.

Not everyone can afford to trade with five contracts right away. That’s perfectly understandable and reasonable. We encourage our students to practice, and then when they feel the time is right, trade with one contract and scale up as they see success.

Why were we using a 2-Range chart here? The market has slowed down a little. The 2-Range is often preferred under slower conditions. To gauge volatility, we use the ATR (Average True Range) with a period value of 4.

Watch to the end of the video because we share more signals including the Atlas Line.

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