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On October 9, 2014, John Paul presented his style of price action trading to a large audience of traders. Quite a few traders followed along and placed the live trades, which worked to their favor. Many questions were asked and answered during this live webinar event.

In the video:

• The importance of proof and reading price action
• How to use the ATR to gauge whether you should be trading
• Common mistakes traders make and how to correct these mistakes
• Atlas Line signals on multiple markets
• First live trade at about 10 min. in
• Why limit the amount of time you hold a trade?
• Prove-it stop and other stop strategies used with the Atlas Line
• Retracements and re-entering trades
• Second live trade at about 39 min. in
• Why use minute charts?
• Assessing current conditions and ATR in markets besides the E-mini S&P
• Plotting of the Atlas Line Strength Trades
• Third live trade at about 1:09 min. in
• Questions and answers about products and the strategies

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