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In this webinar recording, John Paul shares his live charts to a large audience of traders. In the video, he first covers long-term trading strategies for 2015. Even for daily charts for swing trading, the ATR can be used to determine expectations of where price can reach, either short or long. The market has consistenly retraced for or five candles for each dip. One option is to go long two points above the previous high. The expectation is to wait 54 days for the market to reach this point. If the market never reaches this value, it is statistically unlikely that a higher high will be made. Watch the video to see this explained further.

At 19:40, John Paul shows the Atlas Line because a signal has occurred. The Atlas Line price action trading software produces live Long or Short signals. A signal is produced when two bars close above (a Long) or two bars close below (a short) the Atlas Line (the dashed pink line). There are a number of stop loss strategies discussed. If the profit target is not hit, you take whatever stop comes first. Were the live signals in this webinar successful? You’ll have to watch to find out.

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