Here’s the E-mini S&P 03-18 (March contract) being traded with the Atlas Line software. Monday, January 29, 2018 – the market has been all over the place recently, but the Atlas Line and our other tools have been finding some great entry opportunities. Here’s a short signal. This video shows an Atlas Line short signal at about 10:00 a.m. EST. The short signal was produced at the close of the candle with a price of 2869. When placing orders, don’t chase the market! Each order type has its place. This order was close to the entry price (within a tick). Notice how the ATR was at 2.56. This indicates a potential profit of about +10 ticks (+2.5 points). That’s a healthy amount without being too volatile. The profit targets and stop losses we use are generally respective to current market conditions.

• Staying in a trade for multiple hours is a bad idea. It’s usually best to exit and wait for another opportunity. With the Atlas Line, the maximum amount to hold onto a trade is 20 minutes. This is taught in the live training.

• Before placing a trade, it’s a good idea to look for upcoming news events. Staying out is often a good idea during these planned events.

• Use multiple stop strategies and stick to the rules. If your profit target is not hit, get out at the next best opportunity, which can be a smaller profit, breakeven, or smaller loss than the maximum stop you should have in place.

• Towards the end of the video, you can see how trading with 5 contracts may have netted over $600 in just a few minutes. This is not always the case. Remember to trade with money set aside for high-risk investments (not your rent or food money).

Remember that the next Mentorship class begins January 31, 2018. We want to help traders who are really interested in seeing a difference in their performance every day. For details, click here for the Mentorship page. Alternatively, you can email us via the contact page or phone us at 1-888-607-0008.

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