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We had a crazy day yesterday with the FOMC. What about today? All signs said SELL. And that’s what John Paul did. If you’re new to what we do here at DayTradeToWin, if you have no concept of what the Atlas Line is, here’s a simple explanation. The Atlas Line is like a software add-on for your chart. It gives you a different perspective—advice so to speak—about what’s currently going on and what’s expected to happen.

The expected part is the tricky thing about day trading. There are no guarantees with trading. You have to trust in the trading method you’re using to work for you long-term. And you probably should be keeping track of your success. Certainly you should be using NinjaTrader’s account performance tool and/or keeping a log of your trades. Use real-time simulation/practice mode to really get a feel for things. And of course, if things don’t work for you after some time, change it up. Perhaps that’s why you’re here—whatever trading methods you were using were not working for you, so it’s time to revise your approach.


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The Atlas Line provides many signals. Look at all those Strength (S) and Pullback (P) signals. With purchase of the Atlas Line, you get training that covers what to do, and how to use the Atlas Line, in a variety of scenarios. We teach you how to manage the trade. Some programs, methods, etc. don’t go that far. They say, “Here’s the signal” then it’s up to you to figure out a way to maximize potential and minimize risk. In comparison, we will give that to you—that is, a methodology for what do do with a position once you’re in one.

So, what’s a pivotal stop? It’s one of the multiple stop losses that’s used with the Atlas Line. Having more than one way to exit a position can help mitigate some risk. Why have just one rule or one way to get out of the trade? Remember, exiting at the right time can lock in a profit that you’ve made rather than giving it away and then some. In this video, you’re going to see an explanation of the pivotal stop and a nice +$812.50 winner (before any fees applied) using five contracts.

The most comprehensive program we offer is Accelerated Mentorship. It’s a way to become fully aware of a complete trading plan that you can follow. For example, if the Roadmap is the primary filter, you can apply the Atlas Line as a secondary filter, and only take those Atlas Line trades that agree with the Roadmap and so on. Apply the Trade Scalper to the same chart and you have another method that can be validated by the other two. See all that you get here on the Accelerated Mentorship page.

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