John Paul hosted a presentation at DTI (Diversified Training Institute) / TradingPub. There were over 140 people in attendance. John went over the differences between trading based on indicators vs. trading based on an understanding of price. More importantly, he taught everyone the ABC Pattern. This exact method splits the day session into three segments. By recognizing the behavior and start times for each segment, you can identify when breakouts occur. Specific profit strategies are also mentioned. E-Mini charts dating back several months were used to demonstrate the consistency of the method. The half-hour presentation concluded with John showing the ABC on a live Euro (6E) chart. Remember, you can use the ABC method with any trading platform since it’s easy to calculate manually.

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  1. wondering if there’s anything different about your website or products other then the new design did you guys change anything else…

  2. Hello ..

    Actually i am a price action trader and really i agree with you John that
    price is giving you every thing you need to make your decision ..

    This is the second webinar from long time to see for you and it is extremely beneficial ..

    I hope you all the best John ☺

    Regards ,,

  3. you guys come out firing with new videos every day how do you do it? spectacular, this is so informative and educational thanks for sharing!

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