To answer the question simply; yes.

Euro Live Trading Example Using the Atlas Line on March 7, 2011

Here’s a perfect example of how the Atlas Line can produce different results while trading on the same day – just look at the Atlas Line post for the E-Mini S&P we created earlier. Today’s Euro (6E) Atlas Line produced a series of Long order signals. These were all spot on. As soon as price crossed the Atlas Line, a Short order was generated (much like the E-Mini S&P chart posted earlier). Even though price was again on the rise, you can see how the ATR and an Atlas Line Pullback (taught in the included training) kept me at a profit of 6-7 ticks. This price action style of trading is consistent with all markets, whether it’s the Australian or Canadian dollar, Forex, FDAX, or whatever your preferred market may be.

2 Responses

  1. I’ve also noticed how the markets can mimic each other. There’s definitely some global force (let’s call it the U.S. dollar) that drives these markets, or perhaps the big players are moving their money in and out.

  2. Maybe someone who uses the Atlas Line can answer this – I know the Atlas Line can be traded over night and the angle of the line supposedly never changes. But wouldn’t this mean that the line is forever at a specific angle? There’s got to be a reset at market opening…hmmm…

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