Why Exact Entries and Exits are Important

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On January 23, 2013 trading the E-mini S&P 500, the Atlas Line produced a successful Long trade at 1488. This first trade was good for one point according to the market’s ATR (Average True Range). Profit targets are always based on the ATR. This type of dynamic stop reduces risk and makes your profit target match was the market is expected to be able to produce. John Paul has his “BarsBack” Atlas Line parameter set quite high, so you see the entry signals a few bars to the left of the entry candle / signal. You can see how this setting applies with the Short trade at 1486.50. This video shows the trade occurring live, with a profit target of 1.25 points. The best time to trade the Atlas Line is the morning (US/Eastern), but you can trade it on nearly and market that trades 24 hours a day with reasonable volatility. Trading is simple and objective when you have your profit targets and stops known in advance.

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