Trading How-To Webinar Recorded May 4, 2012

Atlas Line – Change the Way You Trade Today

Here is last Friday’s live webinar event in which John Paul discussed price action trading and demonstrated the Atlas Line. Early in the video, John shows the trade you could have taken based on the news event. Fast forward to the 15 minute mark, and you’ll see the Atlas Line call out a perfect Short trade live on the 6E. The same great short trades were prevalent on the ES and CL instruments. For the rest of the video, John explains the Atlas Line parameters, takes questions from attendees, and changes chart time frames. It’s worth noting the difference between using tick charts and minute charts. At about 50 minutes in, John showed how minute charts work better with the Atlas Line algorithm. Live training is included with purchase – ask John questions and receive answers. You’ll be set and ready to trade in no time.

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